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Interview with Taylor: My experience on Dragons' Den

Watch us on Episode 7 of Season 15 on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 9PM CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service.   How did you come up with the idea of BinBreeze? Three years ago I walked into my parent’s kitchen and I discovered a stinky compost bin, full of fruit flies. I thought to myself, "what a terrible introduction to sustainability for so many consumers" and "we need more positive experiences that reinforce sustainable values, not negative ones that drive people away". I would then spend the next two years working with Harmen to create BinBreeze. There wasn’t a single eureka moment where it all came together, it was several, achieved through dedicated research driven towards creating a green solution to...

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Small Actions = Big Difference

More and more people are adapting sustainable habits to help fight climate change. Human impact on the natural world and the overuse of natural resources must be addressed so future generations don’t pay the price of our lack of action. You have the power to make real, sustainable change right in your own home! People all over the world are making changes to become more sustainable. These changes include limiting air travel, switching to sustainable energy sources, eating locally grown produce, and composting. All are effective methods that can minimize an individual’s carbon footprint. It is time for everyone is keep taking action but that doesn’t mean donating your retirement fund, (though that would definitely help!), it means doing the...

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Why Composting Matters

Composting is becoming a requirement for households across Canada, but how does putting your banana peels and eggshells in a green bin lead to a healthier environment? To all you compost doubters out there, or people curious about it’s impact, I hope I can shine a light on the surprisingly substantial effect composting has on the environment. 

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