About Us

We were once just like you: Setting up fruit fly traps and pinching our nose every time we opened the compost bin. We knew there had to be a better way to manage food waste at home — and it led us to founding BinBreeze.

BinBreeze is the founding product from Build A Better Earth, a sustainable technology social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating products, beliefs, and habits that help individuals ‘build a better earth’ for future generations. Our vision is of an environmentally empowered and sustainable consumer, living within a thriving circular economy. 

Our Founders

BinBreeze Founders

Taylor McCarten – CEO, BA, MBA
Taylor McCarten is a driven and innovative entrepreneur who recently completed his MBA from the University of Victoria. Taylor’s experience in business development, public speaking, and product design have been critical to the growth of the company. Build A Better Earth is fueled by Taylor’s creative innovation, positive energy, and passion for sustainability.

Sunny Tu – COO, BE, MBA
Sunny Tu graduated alongside Taylor from the University of Victoria MBA Program. Born in Shenzen, China, Sunny’s passion for sustainability is infectious, and her many years of experience in project management, product strategy, and operations management make her a fantastic COO.

Harmen Zijlstra – CTO, BA, MA, PHD
Harmen is a PhD chemist and science driven entrepreneur. Harmen teaches chemistry at the University of Victoria and brings 10+ years experience to our product research and development. Born in The Netherlands, Harmen has lived in 5 different countries and provides additional international experience and network connections that have helped us grow.