Together With BinBreeze

Posted by Taylor McCarten on

DIY With BinBreeze

BinBreeze is an organic indoor compost powder designed to keep your compost bin fruit fly and odour-free. Made up of clean organic wood waste and naturally occurring minerals, our customers keep telling us BinBreeze is a diverse household product with many other uses! These seem to be the most popular:

  1. Open-top Cat Litter Spot Treatment (Not for closed lid litter boxes!)
  2. Chicken Coop Bedding (see HappyHen Chicken Bedding)
  3. As an Organic Spill Kit, cleaning up compostable spills!
  4. For Use In Composting Toilets
  5. Aphid Control for Household Plants
  6. Kill Silverfish and House Spiders (treat your cracks!)
  7. Filler for Gardening
  8. For use on RVs and Boats
  9. Hamster & Other Pet Bedding
  10. Commercial Kitchen Waste Management

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